Stalking Death and Other Ill-Advised Dating Techniques

As the Grim’s new involuntary Lackey, some of the rules are easy: Avoid inter-office conflicts — Mind my Own Death’s Business. Shelve your souls before exiting the locker room. No Death Suits in the hot tub. But other dos-and-don’ts I just can’t handle: Never getting a love of my life. Having to give up the love of my death. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Death comes, and misery follows. As a man in his early twenties, Leon never genuinely contemplated what would happen after his death. Like those before him, he never understood the truth of our universe. After his sudden demise, the terrorizing reality of a mysterious dystopian afterlife begins crushing him as it has those prior. Men have started enslaving and killing each other to sate their greed while enigmatic creatures oppress the masses. Only a select few have shown the courage that is ne... [Read More...]

Vampires of Twilight Castle

Fate has a funny way of changing its face. One moment you’re a teen doing teenage things, the next moment you’re in a coven learning witchcraft. For Kaia, the face of fate changes the night her mother disappears without a trace. Her grief quickly makes way for rage as the spirit of vengeance seeps into her soul. So, when a gaunt, scarred witch knocks on her door, granting her the opportunity to learn witchcraft at an academy of witches, she immediately enrolls and begins the dangero... [Read More...]

Free: Burn

What happens when the person you love doesn’t love you back? Your heart will Burn. Penny loves Matthew. She has loved him for a long time. Unfortunately, Matthew does not feel the same. He is in a happy relationship with a beautiful young woman named Hannah. Through all of her undergraduate college years, Penny has loved Matthew silently. And she has suffered for it. During her final year of university, Penny decides to put her feelings for Matthew aside and try to live her life without h... [Read More...]

Free: Fog and Flame

When a teacher and his student, Ilanna, are taken from their home by a clan of savage nomads, he soon discovers he’s all that stands between her and the clan leaders’ attempts to force a prophecy. Little do they know, the wheels are already in motion. All Ilanna and her teacher want is to go home, but when Ilanna’s darkest secret is revealed, they soon realize there is no turning back. They must face the flames if they are to have any hopes of survival. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Melancholia

Sixteen-year-old Maggie Finch lives in a Victorian steampunk world shaped like a spiral. Her days are spent escaping vampires and avoiding bombs from the ongoing war. Often she looks up at the clouds and wonders what sort of god could allow this to happen. In a chance encounter in a war-zone, Maggie casts lightning from her fingers and discovers her true identity as the daughter of Melancholia, the goddess who rules over the world with Maggie’s aunts. In their castle above the clouds, Maggie ... [Read More...]