Rise of Dresca: Immersive Sword-and-Sorcery Fantasy

Tim McKay’s Rise of Dresca plunges straight into immersive sword-and-sorcery action, with a terrible betrayal and a breathless fight for survival. Set in an empire where magic and destiny intertwine, dangers abundant from vicious dragons and raptors, malevolent spells and political scheming, the novel weaves relatable characters and an intricate plot around these familiar elements. Rise of Dresca follows, among others, a beleaguered soldier, Drascar (not Dresca, to clarify), a rebel fighter w... [Read More...]

“Craft of the Heretic” by Jason Blackmore

Craft of the Heretic by Jason Blackmore develops an intriguing premise: strangers awaken to find themselves aboard a drifting ship with no clue how they got there. Set in an alternate Renaissance, amid members of a mercantile and proudly seafaring society, it blends elements of historical fiction and high fantasy as the unwilling shipmates’ stories unspool. Shifting back and forward through time, Blackmore’s world-building is woven through with superstition, faith and everyday magic. Craft ... [Read More...]

Melantha: Mansion of the Weeping Wings by V. A. Smith

This gothic-ish fantasy contains a set piece near the beginning, which feels a little Hammer Horror: a woman alone, in a deep, dark wood, running for her life, with a dim awareness of something wicked, just out of sight. With one essential difference: she’s not a waifish ingenue, but a mature woman whose physical limits belie an endearing toughness. Vivica, a wealthy widow, like almost everyone in Smith’s novel, is haunted. Not just by her regrets and the apparent selfishness of her adult c... [Read More...]

Risen and Hunted – Urban Fantasy

Billed as modern urban fantasy, Joseph Hagen’s Risen and Hunted series makes a solid start. Borrowing elements from an American Werewolf in London, it begins with an ill-fated camping trip that leaves two young men dead (and a little undead) with a third contemplating a rather different life. Moonrise follows Alan, who lives in blissful ignorance of a parallel world to ours of magic, curses, and ancient blood feuds. A bite from a vengeful werewolf on a dark night grants him abrupt, unwanted a... [Read More...]


E. Rathke’s fantasy novel, Glossolalia is named for the religious phenomenon of speaking in tongues. The book also comes with a secondary title, that has an evangelical, and slightly sinister flavor: Don’t Scream It on The Mountain. The book is set in a fictional pre-industrial society that evokes Pacific Island life before the colonists arrived. It’s a familiar but involving story of innocence lost, both by its young protagonist, Aukul, and his society. The story opens at a time of great... [Read More...]

Free Kindle Fantasy Books

If you need to add more fantasy novels to your Kindle library, you’ve come to the right place. The Kindle store typically offers 60,000 to 80,000 free Kindle books at any given time…a couple of thousand of those are fantasy books. The selection of free books changes frequently so it’s worth browsing it on a regular basis. Amazon makes it difficult to find or search for free books directly on their site.  So here’s a simple solution–the links below take you directly to the free fan... [Read More...]

The Shaman of Westhouse: New YA Fantasy by John Maveric

Searching for an exciting new fantasy novel for the teen in your life? Author John Maveric’s new book, The Shaman of Westhouse, is sure to delight readers who love magic, adventure, and mythical creatures. The Shaman of Westhouse Arnell, a young farmer who lives in the small village of Westhouse, has his life turned upside-down and changed forever when his father goes missing. Arnell must leave his cozy, comfortable life and venture into the land of Ahki to find his father. Ahki is a beautif... [Read More...]

The Salvation of Tempestria: A Fantasy Series by Gary Stringer

Whenever you need a break from the real world, the fantasy genre is always a welcoming place to retreat. New worlds full of magical creatures, supernatural abilities, and enchanting characters have been drawing readers in for millenia. Author Gary Stringer continues the beloved tradition of fantasy literature in his ongoing series, The Salvation of Tempestria. Described as fantasy with a healthy dose of sci-fi, this series should be at the top of fiction readers’ lists. Shifting Stars The fir... [Read More...]

Cryptic Magic: Urban Fantasy by Lily Skyy

Have you been searching for a modern-day thriller with a healthy dose of magic? Look no further than Cryptic Magic, an exciting debut from fantasy writer and enthusiast Lily Skyy. A promising up-and-coming author, Skyy has always been enchanted with magical realms, fairytale creatures, and epic storylines. In her novels, she hopes to transport readers to other worlds and entertain them with every page. What Is Urban Fantasy? Skyy’s debut novel falls into the literary subgenre of urban fantasy.... [Read More...]

Princess of Nature Series (and more) by Cassandra Finnerty

Can’t decide what to read next? If you enjoy sci-fi adventures, characters with magical capabilities, thrilling storylines, and a bit of romance, you’ll love the collection of books written by author Cassandra Finnerty. Her Princess of Nature series includes elements of fantasy literature, fairy tales, and historical romance novels. Meanwhile, Escape From Zero is a clever fantasy and sci-fi blend that will keep you hanging on the edge of your seat from page 1. Whichever book you choose, you... [Read More...]