Princess of Nature Series (and more) by Cassandra Finnerty

Can’t decide what to read next? If you enjoy sci-fi adventures, characters with magical capabilities, thrilling storylines, and a bit of romance, you’ll love the collection of books written by author Cassandra Finnerty. Her Princess of Nature series includes elements of fantasy literature, fairy tales, and historical romance novels. Meanwhile, Escape From Zero is a clever fantasy and sci-fi blend that will keep you hanging on the edge of your seat from page 1.

Whichever book you choose, you’re bound to be entertained! Learn more about each novel below.

Escape From Zero

It’s the year 2268, and every person’s worth is precisely calculated by points. The number of points determine privileges that an individual is allowed to have. Jason has finally accumulated enough points to have a luxurious life and win over a gorgeous girlfriend, but he puts everything in jeopardy with one massive mistake. Jason soon finds himself back at 0 points and on the run for his life. Will he be able to survive a society that now views his life as worthless?

Princess of Sky, Earth, Fire and Water

Lady Aisling is blessed with the power to control the 4 elements: sky, earth, fire, and water. In the year 1772, she becomes the heiress to a powerful army and a fleet of ships, and is introduced to her new role in a secret society. Her job is to be an ambassador to world leaders around the globe… and fight cruel and bloodthirsty enemies along the way.

Princess of Wind and Sea

It’s 1773, and Lady Aisling and her new beau, a handsome warrior prince, are tasked with sailing around the world to participate in top secret missions. Aisling’s magical abilities are growing stronger by the day, but evil forces are also becoming more threatening to her and her companion on their journey. They must protect each other at every turn or risk losing it all.

Princess of the Emerald Valleys

In this novel, Aisling and the warrior prince return to their homeland to rest during the holiday season. However, they can’t participate in the festivities for long. Enemies and evil forces have infiltrated their beloved community, and they’ll have to fight harder than ever to restore the region to its former glory.


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