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Free: Broken Like Me (Journey of a Dark Shaman Trilogy Book 2)

The adventure continues in Book 2 of the Journey of a Dark Shaman Trilogy, with Jack Daw finding love, despite his resistances. As Jack continues his walkabout in the far reaches of the Canadian north country, he deepens his connection with Thad, the devilishly good-looking chestnut-haired writer he awkwardly met on his journey. With his medical condition worsening, Jack examines his past and present choices as he learns to navigate his inner landscape and failing body. Broken Like Me is an exp... [Read More...]

Free: Smoke and Shadows

Smoke and Shadows: A Dark Urban Fantasy Adventure In the heart of New Orleans, Cameron Blaze a fearless thief with a talent for finding trouble navigates a world where the supernatural lurks around every corner. From battling werewolves and dark rituals to outsmarting gods and vampires, Cameron’s life is a whirlwind of danger and excitement. Join Cameron Blaze in a gripping urban fantasy series where danger is around every corner, magic is real, and the adventure never ends. Free to $5.9... [Read More...]

Erratic Gaits: An Epic Portal Fantasy Adventure

Where one gate closes, opening another one should do the trick, right? Katarina McCaber is no stranger to the unexpected, but she finds herself in a pickle that makes babysitting a dragon look like child’s play. Alongside her ever-reliable friend Jonathan Wilkes and a mysterious priestess named Shay, she’s not just out of her element they’re out of their world. Literally. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Forgotten Magic – urban fantasy short story

How many fairies need to die before Excalibur can be destroyed? Kim is desperate for some time off after getting stuck for two and a half years in medieval times. Seth cant wait for some quality time together, after nearly losing her when they were there; and the scars from the past are still raw. But when Excalibur is discovered by their enemies, and the two college students take on one more fight, will Kims magic and Seths skill with the blade be enough to stop the sword from falling into the... [Read More...]

Witch Mirror

Bryce and I are trying to revive Alondras old metaphysical history class. But it’s stressful under Alondra’s shadow. Not only that, theres a new demon-witch messing with my love life. Well, at least this time I have Alondras magic to protect me. Actually, not only do I have her magic, Alondra’s spirit is inside me, possessing me. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Strange Case of Guaritori Diolco

Awakening from a coma after twenty years, Garth discovers that the world he knew is dead. Magic has replaced technology. To survive, Garth needs to find people he can trust in a world in which nothing is what it seems to be, and ancient evils lurk just out of sight. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Final Born

Do we control our fate? Or does fate control us? Calypso Pallas, a cursed princess doomed to destroy her country. Ophelya Nephus, a second heiress living in the shadow of her sister. And Leandre Elias, a trusted guard with no memories of his past In the Empire of Vasyla the end of Emperor Oryons reign is near – which means the royal scions must soon face each other in a bloody battle for the crown. As the challenge nears and the tides change few realize there is more to this tradition tha... [Read More...]

Free: Dragon Bones

Sure, I can rock a tank top and ponytail while collecting ancient relics, but don’t call me a tomb raider. I knew the guy who built the pyramids and I mean in the biblical sense. Archaeologist, fashionista, and an ancient immortal with a serious memory problem, Dr. Nia Rivers has spent the last few centuries filling in the blanks of her past, all while outrunning dark assassins and stealing brief moments alone with Zane, her immortal lover. But when a two-thousand year old relic from her ... [Read More...]

Free: The Invisible Chains – Part 1: Bonds of Hate

While the kingdom of Ximerion is threatened at its southern border by a major power, the high king sends his two youngest sons, the half-brothers Anaxantis and Ehandar, to the Northern Marches where minor raids by wild barbarians are expected. Not only are the half brothers rivals for the succession, but it soon becomes clear they weren’t given enough means or soldiers to fulfill their mission. The result is a fierce struggle for power where the lines between hate and love become almost i... [Read More...]

Nexus Ascendant

Introduction to “Nexus Ascendant” “Nexus Ascendant” is a visionary science fiction novel set in the near future of 2035, at a pivotal moment when humanity stands on the cusp of quantum technological revolutions. The narrative kicks off with an intriguing experiment at CERN that could alter our understanding of the universe. The Quantum Conundrum: Ethics and Discovery At the heart of the novel lies Dr. Destin’s ethical dilemma over a controversial wormhole experimen... [Read More...]

Heroes of Time Legends: The Healer

A butterfly’s wing is healed, and destiny unfolds. Follow the healer’s path as he walks between Shadow and Light. Fulgar Geth’s life blends grief and unique powers of healing and magnetism, leading him to a life of vagabond thievery with his friend Binny, aiming for a legendary power. Pursued by a Shadow Mage and guided by a mysterious order, Fulgar faces trials of trust and faith. Join him in a magical, adventurous prequel to the “Heroes of Time” series! $1.99 on ... [Read More...]

Troy: A Crown of Stones Origin Story

Can a man born a slave change his destiny with one secret mission? Born of the Shinree, an enslaved fallen race, Ian Troy is magically bound to protect the kingdom of Rella. Since childhood, he trained to be their champion in a seemingly never-ending war. Called to the battlefield a brash young man of seventeen, Troy is anxious to show off his prowess with both magic and blade. He believes his role is vital to the realms of Mirrakelan finally knowing peace. Only, war is nothing like he thought.... [Read More...]

Free: The Pharaoh’s Cat

Suddenly talking and walking upright, a stray tomcat in ancient Egypt becomes the young Pharaohs intimate friend. Accused of his murder, the cat time travels to New York City where he learns how to resurrect him. The cat is a free-spirited protagonist and a wisecracking narrator. His story is an imaginative, spell-binding tragicomedy that interweaves feline and human, past and present, natural and supernatural, with fascinating revelations about ancient Egyptian history and culture. Free on Kin... [Read More...]

Free: The Eye of Nefertiti: A Pharaoh’s Cat Novel

The Eye of Nefertiti is both a stand-alone novel and a sequel to The Pharaohs Cat. The time-traveling ancient Egyptian feline with human powers returns together with his beloved Pharaoh and his close friends, the High Priest of Amun-Ra and Elena, an Egyptologists daughter. The cat is quick-witted, wise-cracking narrator as well as free-spirited, ever-curious protagonist, and the story he tells is an exotic, imaginative, spell-binding tragicomedy. The cat travels from present-day New York City t... [Read More...]

Oaths of Blood

In the First Crusade, a mercenary finds enemies far more sinister than men behind Jerusalem’s walls. He joins an ancient war between the Order and the Hunted. As he crawls deeper into the shadows, it is clear, only oaths made in blood survive. A war-filled journey through the crusades and into the depths of the ancient Noctis Bellum. Filled with legendary characters both barbaric and gray, driven by valor and treachery alike, the Oaths of Blood Saga is an action-packed grim dark historica... [Read More...]

Traveler, Viator Awakens

Lucifers General has set his sights on her. How will she survive? As an introvert and talented athlete, Sophie just wants to get through high school without drawing attention to herself. But her plans for a normal life are shattered when an Angel reveals she’s not human, but a Viator with incredible powers. Her powers have matured, but she must learn to use them quickly because Lucifer’s General, Damian, and his army of evil Malum are after her. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: This Time Around: A Canadian Werewolf Story

CAUGHT BETWEEN THE MOON AND NEW YORK CITY Being a werewolf isn’t all about howling at the moon. Or running carelessly through boundless fields feeling the wind in your fur. Not when you live in the most populous city in the US.For Michael Andrews, a Canadian living in Manhattan and afflicted with lycanthropy, there are odd side effects to being a werewolf in the middle of a bustling metropolis. Such as waking up naked in Battery Park with absolutely no memory of the night before as a wolf... [Read More...]

Free: Hunt for the Maji: The Blue Guitar

It’s the eve of an election. America is broken and the world is on the brink. A small-town shrink encounters a mysterious boy with an incredible gift. A last-chance lawyer tries to hold on to love. A group of teens in a dystopian city search for the only one who can save them from their nightmares. And a beautiful but troubled sheriff’s deputy finds herself pursued by the law and something much more horrifying. Together, their fates are intertwined as they become part of the hunt fo... [Read More...]

Free: The Tenth House

What would you do if you watched a Zodiac have your friend murdered and he was coming for you next? Ciara wants peace from the strange things that are going on, but that’s not going to happen. Taurus has arrived on Earth, and hes come to end the Guardian line. That includes Ciara, even if she doesn’t know it. A race for the magical birthstones and the survival of the human race begins as an ancient enemy slips from the shadows to join the fight. Ciara has four days to find Tauruss t... [Read More...]

Free: The Sword of Oblivion – Could it be?

Torms and his fellow dwarfs find the location of a long-forgotten mineral called Amberinth, which is believed to be the ancient mineral of the Gods. At this discovery they set off to Ironclad, the Dwarfen Kingdom, to seek an audience with the king and to ask for a royal mining party. But they soon hit a few setbacks along the way, mainly in the form of Tennant; a very annoying, dwarfen advisor who obsessively lives his life by the legendary book: 101 Golden Rules on How to Stay Alive as an Advi... [Read More...]

Free: The Wizard and the Witch Queen : Book I / Part I (Kildash 1)

Mages are extinct and spellcasting is outlawed. Heroism is a corporate endeavor choked with red tape, contracts, and cutthroat sponsorships. Space travel is readily available, though its an industry fueled by the enslavement of an entire species. None of that matters to Kaleb Kildash. His greatest concern is saving his village from the demon lurking in a nearby forest, but when he hitches a ride into space with a group of professional adventurers, his life, as well as the fate of every planet, ... [Read More...]

Camelot Resurrection

Arthur Pendragon has emerged from his exile, eager to lead his people and reclaim his birthright. Before he can avenge his father, the oldest and most dangerous enemies from his past return to challenge Arthurs claim as Uther Pendragons rightful heir as King of Camelot. With the help of Merlin, he will have to overcome insurmountable odds if he is to resurrect the Pendragon Dynasty. CAMELOT RESURRECTION is the third installment in the KINGS OF CAMELOT series. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

In Search of Justice

One is young, the other old. With gifted tongues, both are bold. One blood heals, the other slays. One blood kneels, the other pays. Both can speak with the mind. Both shall seek, both shall find. The Mid Dreki Realm is one of nine planes that burst into creation following the devastating destruction of Ragnark (a Divine Reckoning). Every plane has been twisted. Entire races disappeared; new creatures blinked into existence. And rumor has it the Norse Gods weren’t killed but are imprisone... [Read More...]

Free: Forbidden Road

if you epic love, college romance, time travel, destined lovers, and magic A powerless witch. An injured knight. Can two college students stuck in the past defeat a traitor who would destroy their own future? Kim Taylor knows the value of secrets. If the wrong people find out shes a witch, the final year college student will risk her family and her own existence. But living in hiding comes at a terrible price; nobody is there to help her when a spell sends her to the distant past, with no memor... [Read More...]

Dad Bod: Troll

One billionaire troll, one accidental auction, one huge mistake ‘Earn extra in just one night, human females only.’ Never look a gift…troll in the mouth. Or answer a flyer pushed through your door… Not following my own advice is how I found myself standing on a stage, squinting into a bright light while a monster auctioneer shouts out sums of money the like of which I’ve never even imagined. And now I’ve been bought by the biggest troll I’ve ever seen, ... [Read More...]

Free: Forbidden Road

If you love epic love, college romance, time travel, destined lovers, and magic… A powerless witch. An injured knight. Can two college students stuck in the past defeat a traitor who would destroy their own future? Kim Taylor knows the value of secrets. If the wrong people find out she’s a witch, the final year college student will risk her family and her own existence. But living in hiding comes at a terrible price; nobody is there to help her when a spell sends her to the distant ... [Read More...]

Free: Forbidden Road

An all-powerful mage, a fairy queen and a dragon were the last folk I thought Id meet (and befriend) when I time-travelled. All the stranger, I couldn’t even remember what caused me to go back in time in the first place, that I was Kim Taylor college student, or that I had just met the love of my life And now, theres Seth. He’s actually that same guy, but he’s different here. A knight. He was an olympic fencer back in college, on a scholarship, but he doesn’t remember th... [Read More...]

Kip and Shadow

There is a portal to the underworld that threatens to destroy all of London. It was opened by Kip, last steward of Alchemy House, as he cracked the world open trying to find an antidote for death. Now it’s up to him and his spirit friend Shadow to close the portal before the entire world is consumed by his mistake. Can Kip confront this new evil in time or will he be trapped forever in a dead world, a Pale World? $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Do You Believe in Magic?

Do You Believe in Magic? is the winner of seven prestigious international awards. After discovering a magical waterfall deep in the forest, a boy and his dog embark on an epic adventure in a fantastical world filled with monsters and magic. In the real world, Charlie is a 13-year-old nerd picked on by bullies. But in the fantasy world, he becomes a wizard wielding formidable powers. Standing in his way is a vile monster bent on destruction. Only those with a hero’s heart will have the cou... [Read More...]

Free: The Fleshmarket Vampire

There is only one rule for a vampire never target your own kind. The winding streets and alleys of modern-day Edinburgh hide a deadly secret. Disappearances are increasing at an alarming rate and the authorities are helpless. Only Mercy, a jaded 600-year-old vampire and her young human protege Danny can bring peace to Edinburgh. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Measure of Rhyme

An Explosive Tale of Love and Survival. Rhyme Carter has a problem she’s married to the Antichrist. But her heart belongs to another man. A man she deserted to the clutches of the Devil himself. Emery Merrick wakes in a hospital to find the woman he loves betrayed him. Swept away on a drug-fueled tsunami of madness and mayhem, he plummets further into addiction, misery, and the machinations of immortal madmen. But Rhyme has plans of her own. Plans to thwart her evil husband and reclaim he... [Read More...]

Thorns of Chaos: A Queer Dark Epic Fantasy

Cain crafts a vivid world … rich with detail and myth-lore that traipses brightly through the darker themes. (BookLife Reviews) From the peaceful shores of his small village to a world of chaos and darkness, Finn embarks on a quest that will change him forever. Caught in the arms of another man by occupying soldiers of the Holy Dayigan Empire, Finn is wrongfully accused of murderpart of a plan to slaughter his people for their ungodly ways. With his people facing extinction, Finn’s ... [Read More...]


I needed a break. A break from the paparazzi, a break from my co-star ex, and a break from being the hottest new actress in Hollywood. I did not need an orc bodyguard. But my overprotective dad refuses to let me go on a location shoot without a security detail, and hes picked the toughest, scariest bodyguard in LA to accompany me. Too bad Roc is also my dads friend and my teenage crush. This wont be awkward at all. Theres no doubt that Roc is huge and gorgeous and monstrously sexy, but he has t... [Read More...]

Blood Hunter: The Petra Graves Chronicles Book 1

A werewolf, a leprechaun, and a teenage tech genius walk into a bar… Sounds like a joke, right? Well, for Petra Graves, supernatural assassin, self-professed loner, and deadly sorcerer, that joke has just become a reality. When Graves is sent to a ruined castle in Poland to hunt down a rogue bloodmancer, she suddenly finds herself facing off against an enemy she cant defeat. Her only option? To release the wild magic within and hope it doesn’t obliterate everything in its path, incl... [Read More...]

Merlin’s Mantle

The veil is thin, the darkness bleeds. And we’re the only ones between it and our city. My wife, Emilie, and I are more than detectives. Were more than druids. We’re the last wall against the rising tide of chaos. Magic, once accessible only to a few, now bleeds like a gushing wound, spewing creatures of myth and nightmare into our world. These monsters aren’t here to play. They leave a trail of bodies, hunting for one specific target: the boy living under our roof – Mer... [Read More...]