Free: Snatched (A Ghost Story): Lights Out Series – Book 2

Wendy reluctantly moves to the country so that her husband can write full time. She’s willing to give it a try since they wont have to put their baby in daycare. But when things begin to go bump in the night, Wendy doesn’t want to stay in their renovated farmhouse. Something doesn’t feel right, and she has an awful feeling that someone is trying to steal their baby. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Dreammasters

Her night terrors are becoming a deadly reality. Now, she’s chasing the answer to a frightening question can dreams kill? When Aisling Doyle has an angry nightmare after her husband leaves her, she’s horrified to learn the next day he has perished in a hauntingly similar accident. Worried her dreams hold a twisted power, she flees to Ireland to confront her mother’s family and discovers her bloodline traces back to a powerful Celtic goddess. As Aisling dives into ancient dange... [Read More...]

Only Monsters in the Building

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG WHEN A WEREWOLF NEEDS THERAPY? Michael Andrews has suffered the slings and arrows of his outrageous fortune while living with lycanthropy. But the blackouts from when he transforms into a wolf and the latest loss of his one true love have finally pushed him over the edge. In desperation, he checks into a secret and remote retreat in upstate New York to undergo group therapy with a motley crew of other Paranormals. When their therapist is found dead apparently the vi... [Read More...]

Stryker: The Kindred Series

Stryker. The King that refused to be King. For two-thousand years he has refused to ascend to the throne, fighting for a better future for not only his faction but for the rest of the Kindred as well, while trying to create an entirely new system for their world. One where even a King has to answer for his indiscretions.Luna. Owner of the Sanctuary, a nightclub that caters to all of the Kindred as well as humans, and a witch that everyone seems to want to get their hands on. Stryker has lived h... [Read More...]

Free: Darcy’s Spell – Short Story

unexpected romance short story Pride & Prejudice and magic She swore he was the last man shed ever marry. She didn’t know about magic. Elizabeth never saw Darcys marriage proposal coming. After months of hating him, she is shocked when she suddenly says Yes, and even more surprised, when she starts falling for him hard and fast. But Darcy hides a terrible secret and just when Elizabeth discovers that there are some things even magic cannot fix, will a sisters social fall destroy her o... [Read More...]

The Forgotten, The Realms of Darkness

My name is Luther Van Leer, and I’m a prisoner in the vampire queen’s castle. She’ll let me out if I’m willing to meet her demands, but I will refuse until she puts a stake through my heart. I’ll not let her turn me into a monster. At least, that was my plan. With a turning kiss, I was turned into a monster, banished, beaten, and betrayed. Now, my master expects that I will fall in love with her and play nice. If my cold-dark heart ever finds her, revenge will be m... [Read More...]

Demons Never Lose: Greed

Inspired by her dream clairvoyance, Joscelyn Wild’s Deadly Sins series sails into uncharted waters in Demons Never Lose. Join Fury as she fights insurmountable greed when crypto pirates lure Joss into a risky treasure hunt. Gripping suspense and haunting characters seamlessly blur the supernatural with the digital mundane. Snatch your copy today! $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Fire in the Shadows: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story

In the electrifying sequel to Pathways to Bolingbrook, Lydia, a vampire cursed with empathy and love, faces her greatest challenge yet. When a violent horde of misogynistic were deer descends on Bolingbrook, Lydia and her sister are sent to uncover the truth. As rumors of war spread in the shadows of the Brook, Lydia finds herself drawn to Sara, the captivating editor of the Babbler, even as her past heartbreak from a previous mortal love interest resurfaces. But Lydia’s world is turned u... [Read More...]

Free: Broken Like Me (Journey of a Dark Shaman Trilogy Book 2)

The adventure continues in Book 2 of the Journey of a Dark Shaman Trilogy, with Jack Daw finding love, despite his resistances. As Jack continues his walkabout in the far reaches of the Canadian north country, he deepens his connection with Thad, the devilishly good-looking chestnut-haired writer he awkwardly met on his journey. With his medical condition worsening, Jack examines his past and present choices as he learns to navigate his inner landscape and failing body. Broken Like Me is an exp... [Read More...]

Free: Forgotten Magic – urban fantasy short story

How many fairies need to die before Excalibur can be destroyed? Kim is desperate for some time off after getting stuck for two and a half years in medieval times. Seth cant wait for some quality time together, after nearly losing her when they were there; and the scars from the past are still raw. But when Excalibur is discovered by their enemies, and the two college students take on one more fight, will Kims magic and Seths skill with the blade be enough to stop the sword from falling into the... [Read More...]