Free: House of New Gods

In the heart of England’s Cumbrian Mountains, a young woman searching for answers finds much more than she ever bargained for. Lina’s father is dead, and been so seven years, but that hard fact is no less biting as time rolls on. It’s the mystery of his death which has never settled with Lina, and at eighteen she’s still plagued by it. Desperate for a break she decides to leave home, even as her mother frets over her well-being, her boyfriend recovers from their break-up, and her step-dad attempts to put his totalitarian foot down. Au pair to an elegant Egyptian couple? Who wouldn’t love that dream job? To Lina, it will be the journey of a lifetime. The universe has a funny way of unfolding truth. It is unexpected. It is life-altering. It is also scary as hell. The universe speaks, and it speaks directly to her, through the vessels of those she never imagined existed. They alone hold the key to unlocking the secrets she seeks: the missing pieces to her father’s disappearance, the truth of her lineage, and the discovery of a secret society that she will soon be responsible for. Can she let go of her old life, in order to embrace a new one? Will she be able to submit to a prophecy, one that was carved out thousands of years before her birth? Will she be able to find balance between herself, forbidden love, and those she’s sworn to protect? Free on Kindle.


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