YA Urban Fantasy Novels by Hadley Thorne

Realism, myth, magic, and sci-fi collide in a gripping urban fantasy saga by author and podcast creator Hadley Thorne. Thorne expertly ties in supernatural and mythical elements with relevant current events, including the Covid-19 pandemic. Her books are geared towards teenagers, but anyone who enjoys fantasy is sure to be captured by this series!

Tapestry of Worlds Part One: The White Raven Awakens

Erika Lily has found herself in the midst of a strange group of friends, ranging from her boyfriend Jason “Ransom” Mcllwain to the group leader’s new wife, Jewel. As the world descends into chaos and turmoil during the Covid-19 pandemic, Erika races to protect her pets, family, and friends. Meanwhile, she’s also struggling with large gaps in her memory, the manifestation of unusual powers, and a mysterious stranger who’s trying to convince her that they knew each other in a past life.

When Erika is separated from her friends and can’t seem to find any answers, she’s forced to rely on the stranger for help. However, his assistance comes with a price. How much will Erika sacrifice to guarantee her friends’ safety?

Tapestry of Worlds Part Two: Running and Gunning

The second book in the series focuses on Erika’s boyfriend, Ransom. As Erika is struggling with the manifestation of her powers and isolation from her friends, Ransom is taken to the coast of Louisiana for a top-secret black ops mission. He soon comes face-to-face with otherworldly entities and supernatural beings in different planes of existence in order to fight against the mysterious force of the “Corruption.”

As Ransom tries to adjust to a new reality where elves, shapeshifters, and vampires are very real threats, he’s struck with the realization that his girlfriend and close friends are in grave danger from these forces. When he’s forced to decide between his honor and his dearest friends, what will he choose?


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