The Void Fae

The Void Fae
Zai Tyren lives in the hidden Fae city of Crestfell, just outside of Orlando, Florida. He is a young senior doing what any other teenager is doing—looking forward to prom, graduation, and most notably, his eighteenth birthday. The day he’ll finally get his Fae signature, a small pictograph provided to all Fae to let them know which element they are most in tune with.

What he certainly doesn’t expect, is to receive the mark of the Void Fae. The one no one wants. A demonic signature that will bring about the end of all supernaturals.

Suddenly, Zai’s life is turned upside down.

Hunted by the High Fae, the Platinum Dragons who govern all mystical races, and the Angels who swore to protect all magical borders, Zai will have no choice but to escape, unravel the prophecy, and figure out how to save the world from himself… or save himself from the world. $0.99 on Kindle.

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