Fate of the Wolf

Fate of the Wolf

She is the key, and they all want her…dead or alive.

Devastation, deception, and devotion that’s just the beginning. Whispered voices and eternal secrets fuel the fire as Elizabeth learns that rage has deadly consequences. The huntress and the hunter, but who’s hunting them? Ice-blue eyes and dark intentions lead to a path she never knew existed. The veil is torn, and the truth is revealed. What she sets in motion will ripple through the realm, changing her future. It’s the ultimate battle between what she knows and what she discovers.

Can she keep the secret she finds?

This is a fast-paced ride from start to finish. Elizabeth has officially checked into Crazytown, and that’s just the beginning. She arrives to find herself in the middle of a war zone, and her own battle to win is staring her straight in the face. Chaos and Confusion, her closest pals in the land of Painful Agony. Lizzy wants off this ride, but round and round she goes. She got in, so there must be a way out, right? She’s the key to unlocking this madhouse, but she must first learn to navigate this maze of mirrors. Reflection and forward-thinking…This game has deadly consequences.

Can you uncover the secret before Elizabeth?

Decisions. Decisions. Choose Wisely. $0.99 on Kindle.
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