Who Okayed This?! The Riveting Life of Grant Davis

Who Okayed This?! The Riveting Life of Grant Davis

In the 7-Time #1 Bestselling novel that won the prestigious 2022 Stellar Book Award, true events are mingled with fiction in a well-blended cosmopolitan
cocktail of danger and delight.


A threat from the past

Two months later, I received a collect call from Sing Sing. Yes, that Sing Sing, the maximum security state prison north of New York City. I didn’t accept the charges, of course, because I didn’t know anyone who had been sent there. After all, I didn’t make it a habit to seek out and befriend convicts. Whoever he was, the caller screamed over the operator as she was speaking to me. I heard him loud and clear after I rejected the call. He was threatening to kill me!

He called a few more times after that, always with the same message: I’m going to kill you, and you won’t see it coming!

I replied, “Obviously your employer didn’t educate you on your subject.”
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