Courage, Cunning, and Craft – A Classic Fantasy Trilogy

Courage, Cunning, and Craft - a Classic Fantasy Trilogy
Galla Jenari is sickened by racism, cruelty, stupidity, and greed; she’s more than determined to make a difference. Once ridiculed by the dashing, headstrong Prince Shiran, he finds he’s lost without her astounding ingenuity and enlists her aid in a battle against a fierce enemy.

Meanwhile, evil lurks beneath the city, certain to rise. Will Galla falter and be crushed by all she opposes, or will she triumph to thwart the onslaught?

A richly realized and highly evocative epic fantasy in the traditional style, with vivid characters, modern themes, and a stand-out young woman at the helm. $1.99 on Kindle.

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