The Shadow Curse

The Shadow Curse
A forsaken princess. A commander sworn to defend her. And the dark god that seeks to destroy all they love…

Years ago, a mysterious plague foreshadowed the creatures of shadows and carnage that crawled from the corners of the earth. Quickly, the kingdoms of Altana came to know these beasts as Kaevari demons, borne from the shadows of the Void realm.

One by one, the Kaevari devour each kingdom until their sights settle on Therilea. As these creatures of smoke descend on the Therilean palace, Princess Ara Zypherus is forced to flee.

Accompanied by the loyal and steadfast Commander Raethin Corvus and her companions, Ara flees into the Rakevan Forest, searching for the legendary Druidic people for refuge and help. They meet Cirith, the deity and guardian of the forest, and discover that there is more behind the Kaevari than a wave of pestilence and an infestation of demons.

Rather, a dark, ancient entity has unleashed the demonic scourge upon the realms with the sole purpose to devour all life and twist the primordial gods’ creations into his own. Destined to be at the center of the gods’ battle against the ancient entity, the fate of the realms rests on Ara’s and Raethin’s shoulders.

Will they accept the roles their gods set for them? Or will they deny their role and forge a new path? $1.99 on Kindle.

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