The Epimetheus Trial

Long extinct and forgotten, an alternate line of hominids reemerges in four children across the continent of Ouristihra. Thus fulfills a little known prophecy. These Hybrids are born with a single mutation and an elemental power that manifests in adolescence.

Few people understand their nature, and unfortunately, far fewer understand it better than The Avatars of Fate. Wielding technology far outstripping even the most advanced communities, this shadowy organization seizes control of the militaristic nation of ArcNos with twofold focus. Dominate the rest of Ouristihra. And eliminate the Hybrids. All while preaching the doctrine of The Epimetheus Trial.

Armed with antique weapons and a tenacity to preserve their kind, the Hybrids forge alliances across social classes as they come together to repel The Avatars and restore order to ArcNos. But The Avatars have their hands in far more affairs than a simple war machine.

Their knowledge of the Hybrids has enabled them to track their coming births for generations. Family trees have been severed whole with the intention of preventing Hybrid births entirely. Or perhaps to pigeonhole them into families of The Avatars’ choosing.

Sketchy laboratories and an elusive prisoner speak to biological origins to The Avatars’ artificial power enhancements. As well as to the possibility of an unanticipated fifth Hybrid. Although, this prisoner isn’t necessarily the anomaly.

The machinations and manipulations of The Avatars of Fate are only matched by The Coalition, a counter-terrorist group founded to undermine them. Though The Coalition allies with the Hybrids, they keep them at a distance, only divulging knowledge of their place in this long conflict as they see fit.

What fate The Avatars represent, neither will say. Only that it all must come to pass for the arising. $0.99 to $2.99 each on Kindle.

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