Dragon’s Mark (Chronicles of Alcabaza Book 1)

Dragon's Mark (Chronicles of Alcabaza Book 1)

Once Marked, forever hunted.

Rejected by the dragons and left disfigured by their magical fire, Isiah is faced with the horrifying prospect of being hunted until the day he dies.

But when he ventures into the unforgiving Badlands in the hopes of recovering a long-lost cure, he soon finds his fate tangled up with a hostile gang of Raiders and the mighty eagles they fly. The Raiders hold the key to fixing his curse—but if they find out who he is, they’ll kill him.

Fighting to keep his past a secret while navigating a deadly world of cut-throat thieves, buried ruins and vicious rivalries, Isiah must stay one step ahead of his enemies—all while figuring out who he can really trust. One wrong move and he’s as good as dead… and beneath the scorching Badlands sun, the dragons are the least of his problems. $0.99 on Kindle.

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