Free: The Awakening

The Awakening
Haunted by a gilded ability she cannot control, Luminear finds herself trapped in an unfathomable and inescapable fate that offers but one chance at victory; a victory that comes at a price perhaps too great. A treacherous shadow from a forgotten age awakens and spreads its destruction to bring a new era of turmoil. Chaos ensues when all eyes—ally and foe alike—fall on Murnia’s Northern Realm. Attacked on two fronts, Cassenneth and Vallidor are pitted against forces on land and from the sky. In a world where hope is lost, one cruel possibility of absolution presents itself when the truth of Luminear’s origin surfaces from an unlikely place. With time running out for the free peoples, it is up to her to decide to be their salvation or their doom. Free on Kindle.

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