Free: Shadow Rising

Shadow Rising
From dreams she sees it. While awake she feels it. They’re coming. Time is running out.

Luminear and Bella are on the run from an unspeakable threat as Eastern champions seek the sisters for the answers they hold. Terror comes this time with a legion of predators, and the northern King is pulled into the web by fate. All converge on a sleepy kingdom where Luminear’s nightmares take form, declaring war against any who stand between them and her. Revelations unveil as the sisters are caught up in a destiny neither sought.
All roads lead to Laeluffian. When pandemonium strikes the Northern Realm, is King Edward prepared to defend? Is Bella’s will unbendable when outmatched and outnumbered? And as Luminear’s abilities grow, can Darius’s insight help her gain control before it’s too late? Free on Kindle.

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