The World of Sanctum

Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Award for Fantasy and Indie B.R.A.G Medallion, The World of Sanctum turns traditional mythology on its head and transports readers to a land of ancient gods and into a mind-blowing, post-apocalyptic future.

The World of Sanctum takes traditional fantasy fiction, and its readers, in an entirely new direction. Featuring complex, genre-bending twists and turns, this first installment of the Sanctum series features a strong, relatable female hero paired with a surprising companion pulled from the fantasy tradition but cleverly reimagined. The chemistry between Isolde du’ Avalonne and Orc Priest Tulok is sure to delight readers.

Unlikely companions on a journey to uncover an ancient mystery hidden beneath the sands. Isolde and Tulok Not only have to overcome the fierce wilds of Setesh and their own differences, but the dangerous Divine of the world of Sanctum still walk the lands, and they have taken a vested interest in the knight and her orc companion.

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