AFROFuturist Bible: Creation

Religion and Mythology clash cataclysmically when one man claims an AFROFuturist Bible will bring order to the world.

Followers believe that he is a supernatural evangelist who knows the good and evil of present-day society and the best path to redemption.

Detractors fear he is merely a talented con man performing fake miracles and false magic to flimflam audiences worldwide for his profit.

He offers, “I am not an ordained, sanctified oracle. I can’t heal the lame nor bring sight to the blind nor freely offer wisdom to the ignorant . . . all miracles have a price.”

This work of speculative fiction explores the complexities of our beliefs and ponders, “what if the gods of myth and the gods of religion were entangled and affecting our day-to-day lives; what if we could combine the best of both dogmas to create a new world with better-aligned doctrines to follow.”
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