Free: The Silvan

A fearless young warrior elf with a shrouded past. An implacable traitor to the throne. The path towards a destiny only a god foresaw.

A young immortal embarks on his first patrol as a Silvan novice warrior. As he learns to survive in a land plagued with Deviants and Sand Lords, unknown allies strive to protect him from dangers he has yet to understand.

As he enters the Deep Forest for the first time, the Silvan puts his martial skills to the test. But things don’t go quite the way he planned when an arcane power begins to emerge.

Under the guidance of his captain and lieutenant, the Silvan battles to control his new gift, while stepping upon a path of revelations. His unanswered questions from childhood will be answered. Now, all he must do is trust the right people, and stay away from the wrong ones.

But where does that path lead? What is its final destination? Can the Silvan come to understand who he is – what he is? And if he can, will he ever accept his destiny?

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