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The Paladin's Sin
He took a solemn oath to protect the King. But will his heart lead him down a deadly path?

Rordan was sent to the Temple at a young age to learn the holy magic the King holds so dear. He has spent his life walking the path of a holy paladin knight. As he begins his service to the King, he must give up his desire for a normal life. But when he falls in love with the King’s daughter, her furious father demands his head.

Escaping the axe at the last moment, Rordan and the princess are cast out of the kingdom with nothing but love, a rickety cart, and an old mare. Traveling through dangerous woods, they must make it to the border before the Temple finds them and delivers their punishment to the oathbreaker.

Will the pair’s decision to blaze a new path and forge their own destiny lead to a dead end?

The Paladin’s Sin is the sword-slashing first book in The Paladin’s Sin fantasy series. If you like engaging characters, thrilling adventures, and a dash of romance, you’ll adore Jessica Kemery’s battle for atonement.

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