Fire Soldier, Throne of Gods Book 1

Fire Soldier, Throne of Gods Book 1

The Gods may think they own the fire soldiers, but they have no idea of the inferno thats coming.

I was born from Ares with the fire given to him from his one true love. Though the Gods imprisoned him as punishment for loving a woman that wasn’t his, he forged a kingdom from the flames and made his children his soldiers.

Now that Ares is gone, the Gods will stop at nothing to control the Kingdom of Fire and all who inhabit it. But I was created to fight, so, in Ares name I’ll avenge his murder and reduce them all to ashes for what they have done to my family.

The only problem is, my brethren don’t fully understand whats at stake, so Im on my own fighting a battle with a cursed trait no one knows about. When Karim, a half centaur/half siren and my sworn enemy since birth takes my side as I stand up to the Gods, Im torn, but without anyone else to help save the fire soldiers, I have to accept help from my age old rival, with secrets of his own.

I might not like it, but hes the only thing between my eternal servitude and scorching the earth with the bones of the Gods that enslave us. We are coming for the thrones of the Gods, and Im not going to let anything stand in my way. Between us, well set the heavens ablaze and watch the ashes fall.

If you love Game of Thrones, Greek mythology and enemies to lovers romance thats guaranteed to have your heart set to slow burn, grab book one of this sizzling fantasy series now.

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