The kingdom of Rulara is at peace for now. Held together by innovation and belief, and led by the broken magic of an old religion, the humans celebrate their golden age even as the land dies around them. Only savage outlanders resist their rule, like the barbaric raiders and pagan-worshiping shai-el.

Out in the rural swamplands, one young shai-el wants only to protect her people. With her villages sacred stone, Pepper finally has her chance. But when saving the life of an enemy means sacrificing the safety of her people, she must travel deeper into human territory to uncover secrets long buried.

Deep in the center of Rulara, an outspoken skeptic craves those secrets. Faced with his own looming mortality, Jacks only hope for answers or survival is the church. Caught between arrogance and lies, Jack must choose whether to pursue his own pride, or the truth.

In a world where the line between enemies and allies blurs, the fate of an entire nation hangs on these two outcasts. Destiny comes at the cost of their dreams.

Phoenixheart is a gripping tale of self-discovery, sacrifice, and the relentless power of choice, where two souls from vastly different worlds find their fates forever intertwined. $0.99 on Kindle.
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