Free: The Maker among Mages

The Maker among Mages

In a world where magic reigns supreme, Jack’s affinity for technology makes him an outsider. With his mechanical companion, Senti, he embarks on a quest that challenges the boundaries between magic and mechanics. At the Invokers Festival in Drumham City, Jack unveils his inventions, sparking interest and skepticism alike. When Sage Agatha entrusts him and his newfound friends Evelyn and River with a mission to investigate disturbances in the magical leylines, their journey leads them across Estoria. Facing challenges that test their skills and deepen their bonds, they uncover a conspiracy that threatens the essence of magic itself. Blending rich storytelling with themes of innovation, friendship, and self-discovery, this tale invites readers into a captivating world where the future of magic hangs in the balance. Free on Kindle.
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