The Cydarions

A group of dedicated warriors, called the Cydarions, fight for you and your way of life. Using their faith and the Calling to guide their way through a series of adventure to face off with the ultimate evil.

Lucifers offspring wreak havoc on interplanetary worlds causing chaos and mayhem. Their unsuspecting citizens falling prey to evil ways and corruption. Bringing the downfall of society as they know it.

From the safety of their hidden citadel on the remote planet of El Azar, our heroes step through a portal and are transported through space and time, into unknown places filled with mystery and danger. As they traverse these lands, they learn more about each other and their new surroundings, relying on their training and wits to stay alive.

Will they all survive?

This new breed of devil is getting smarter and the Cydarions are out manoeuvred, with disastrous consequences.

The whole dynamic of the group is affected and they need to adapt. The young Xanias world is turned upside down when she encounters the bounty hunter, Beau Dary. Being raised in the citadel for only one thing, becoming a Cydarion, she is soon questioning who she really is.

Nyk loses his faith, while Shearon discovers the gruesome history of their home world.

The mere survival of our worlds depends upon these unknown fighters for justice and peace, but have they lost their way? $2.99 on Kindle.
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