The Realm Series

The Realm – After a failed rebellion, an ambitious prince sets out to conquer the Seven Great Plains. With four unlikely companions: Dar Caine the Malobathron Giant, Leda the Dwarf, Troy the Elf, and Lars the Leprechaun, Telezzar the Wizard is charged with stopping this fallen prince. Between meeting Odie the Gneiss, battling spidermites, and much, much more, the companions run into a wide-range of colorful characters as their epic journey unfolds.

The Realm: Rise of the Demon Prince – With much gain comes much loss. The companions continue their hunt for the precious electrum, hoping to re-forge the swords. But as they continue their quest, and learn more about themselves, they begin to realize the fallen prince’s reach has spread far beyond his own domain. However, broken blades do not win battles, and those that counsel and guide the companions begin rallying kingdoms and armies that might stand behind them.

The Realm: The Chess Master’s Ring – The end is nigh. The fallen prince’s forces mount in the east, while the companions rally their own. But dark secrets will be revealed about the electrum, and betrayal sits at every corner. The final passages of their epic journey will shape the companions forever. $2.99 each on Kindle.

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