Tapestry of Worlds Part Two: Running and Gunning

Tapestry of Worlds Part Two: Running and GunningTaken to a Black Ops location off the coast of Louisiana, Staff Sergeant Jason “Ransom” McIlwain and his team are dropped into a surreal world of cyberterrorists, gateways between alternate planes of existence, and saving the world from an otherworldly entity known simply as Corruption. Learning to navigate this new world where vampires, shapeshifters, and elves are real, Ransom and his team are soon fighting forces on both sides of the veil. To complicate matters more, Ransom discovers that his girlfriend and her friends are somehow mixed up in it all. Caught between his honor and his love, Ransom is forced to choose. Will he be able to live with his choice?

A powerful post-apocalyptic shifter series for fans of Ryan Westfield, Nathan Jones, and Kyla Stone. $2.99 on Kindle
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