Rebel Slave

Rebel SlaveBroken by war… Enslaved by a corrupt queen… Imprisoned in a frozen Hell from which no man has escaped before…

Charles Raptor is a White Shield, a professional soldier paid to fight a corrupt regime’s forever wars. But after years of watching good men die for nothing and evil triumph, he wishes only to retire to a life of peace with a new wife in the country of his birth.

But war isn’t finished with Charles Raptor. Falsely convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, sold into slavery to a filthy halfman, Charles is condemned to a life of servitude among dwarves and men—a fate worse than death that has broken many a man who thought himself strong.

Can Charles pull together a team of criminals and misfits who hate each other almost as much as their neckbeard captors? Can he lead a daring escape across a thousand miles of frozen wilderness teeming with wolves? Can he become the rebel slave that will give birth to a legend? $2.99 on Kindle
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