Free: Forbidden Road

Forbidden Road
An all-powerful mage, a fairy queen and a dragon were the last folk I thought Id meet (and befriend) when I time-travelled. All the stranger, I couldn’t even remember what caused me to go back in time in the first place, that I was Kim Taylor college student, or that I had just met the love of my life

And now, theres Seth. He’s actually that same guy, but he’s different here. A knight. He was an olympic fencer back in college, on a scholarship, but he doesn’t remember that either, or me. All he knows now is that he serves the King, and my father betrayed that King!

Yes, Im a traitors daughter and my life is not something that Seth would think twice before sacrificing. He took me in the night, away from the safety my fathers palace, and out into the cold, dangerous woods.

But there is something about me that Seth doesn’t know. The secret I had to keep back in college: Im not human. Free on Kindle.
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